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"Get the Girls": Patriarchy on the Preschool Playground

When we think of gendered aggression, it’s easy to think of beer-fueled moments at high school and college parties. But young girls’ first encounters with gendered aggression often happen much earlier and in seemingly more “innocent” settings. Like preschool playgrounds.

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Welcome to Sociology 100: An Hour in the Life of an Academic Mom

It's my first day back in the office after maternity leave, and I sit down at my desk to pump. But then I realize: "the last thing I need is undergrads wondering about wet spots on my dress." So I take off my dress and zip on my coat, because it's January and it's a little cold.

I start up the pump, but then my phone buzzes. It's daycare - they ran out of milk for my son, and they want me to bring more. I glance at the clock - this is my longest break all day, and I can probably make it. So I switch into go mode….

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