Welcome to Sociology 100: An Hour in the Life of an Academic Mom

[adapted from this Twitter thread from January 2018]

It's my first day back in the office after maternity leave, and I sit down at my desk to pump. But then I realize: "the last thing I need is undergrads wondering about wet spots on my dress." So I take off my dress and zip on my coat, because it's January and it's a little cold in my office. 

I start up the pump, but then my phone buzzes. It's daycare - they ran out of milk for my son, and they want me to bring more. I glance at the clock - this is my longest break all day, and I can probably make it. So I switch into go mode.


I pack up the pump, zip my coat, and grab my bag and keys. I make it all the way out to the hallway before I realize - crap, I'm not wearing my dress. So I scramble back to my office, put on my dress, and head back out.

But then I realize - I probably won't have time to come back to my office before class. So I unlock the door again, grab the stack of 200 syllabi, and hoof it to the car. I drive home, grab the milk from the freezer, jump back in the car, drive to daycare, run the milk inside, give my son a quick kiss, and head back out again.

It's now 15 minutes before class starts. My gas gauge is blinking, but there's no time for a fill up. I drive as fast as I can back to campus, cursing the guy driving 2 miles per hour through the parking garage. Eventually I find a spot. But then I remember - I didn't have a chance to look up where my class is.

I check the syllabus, Google Map the building, and run. Or more like "run," since I'm wearing heels, carrying two bags, and avoiding icy patches on the sidewalks. 

I make it to class with one minute to spare. A little sweaty and out of breath, I drop my bags by the podium, write my name on the board, and turn around.  I smile. 

"Welcome to Introduction to Sociology. It's going to be a great semester."