the first day of school

Wednesday was my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten. And I managed to get through the whole day without any tears. I got through Thursday’s drop-off, too, even when my daughter stopped me outside the school and said: “You don’t need to come in, Mom. I know where to go.”

As I walked back home, I scrolled through Twitter on my phone. And that’s when I first saw the articles.  On Wednesday, hundreds of immigrant workers in Forest, Mississippi had been detained, taken away without warning when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers raided the food processing plants where they worked.

The children of those workers came home from school to empty, locked houses. They were crying and looking desperately for their parents. It was their first day of school, too.

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"Get the Girls": Patriarchy on the Preschool Playground

When we think of gendered aggression, it’s easy to think of beer-fueled moments at high school and college parties. But young girls’ first encounters with gendered aggression often happen much earlier and in seemingly more “innocent” settings. Like preschool playgrounds.

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Backpacks Full of Privilege

It’s that time of year again. Parents are frantically checking supply lists and packing their children’s backpacks for school. But pencils and notebooks and glue sticks aren’t the only things parents send from home. Rather, parents—or at least affluent, white parents—also send their children with strategies for securing unfair advantages in school….

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Welcome to Sociology 100: An Hour in the Life of an Academic Mom

It's my first day back in the office after maternity leave, and I sit down at my desk to pump. But then I realize: "the last thing I need is undergrads wondering about wet spots on my dress." So I take off my dress and zip on my coat, because it's January and it's a little cold.

I start up the pump, but then my phone buzzes. It's daycare - they ran out of milk for my son, and they want me to bring more. I glance at the clock - this is my longest break all day, and I can probably make it. So I switch into go mode….

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